Dozens of Rosenberg families stranded in Kingdom Heights neighborhood due to flooding

ROSENBERG, Texas – Residents in the Kingdom Heights neighborhood of Rosenberg are stranded inside their subdivision due to recent flooding from the Brazos River.

As of Monday night, the only way in and out of the neighborhood off FM 723 was by boat or National Guard truck.

“We’ve never had water collect on the streets, let alone like this,” said Lauren Zeitz.

Zeitz is eight months pregnant and said she has already had to cancel three doctor appointments this week because of the floodwaters.

Residents are stepping up to the plate, volunteering to shuttle their neighbors back and forth by boat. “I’ve heard of kids getting sick and sharing antibiotics with their siblings because people can’t get to the doctor,” said Rebecca Steinmetz.

Late Thursday afternoon, a special delivery from Chick-fil-A was delivered to residents by boat, lifting the spirits of those in the community. “I am very happy because I haven’t had Chick-fil-A in a long time,” said 11-year-old Amelia Stewart.

Residents are hoping the water will recede by Sunday or Monday.