Man loses both legs in heroic act in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – Fifty-eight-year-old Glenn Woody Higgins is a big man with an even bigger heart and enough hero inside of him for 10 men.

Last Wednesday, he noticed that a car had plowed into an electrical pole off the Beltway 8 feeder road and 288.

He jumped out of his car to try to rescue the people inside the burning vehicle.

"He noticed a car that had been in an accident. There were down power lines everywhere. The front of the car was smoking and because he is a hero and a good man he decided to stop and help," Max Higgins, Glenn's son, said.

In his rush to help others, Glenn stepped on a live powerline. The electricity surged through his body and, according to his family, he was literally on fire until someone stepped in to help him.

Now this big man is being tested like never before. His injuries are severe.

"Sixty percent of his body was burned. He has third-degree burns on his legs. Both legs had to be amputated above the knees," Max said.

Now Glenn is listed in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. His family has set up a GoFundMe account to pay for his expenses.