Drug users drinking bleach to pass test in dangerous new trend

NBC News – A disturbing way to try and pass a drug test is becoming more popular, and experts say it can kill you.

People are drinking bleach, saying it will clean out your system and allow you to pass a urine test.

"They are desperate, they will try anything to try and prove to mom and dad I am not doing this. If I try and Google something quick, to see how to beat a test, they will try it because they are so desperate they will try anything no matter what the risk," says Stephanie Knutson of Sanford Health in Fargo, North Dakota.

She has seen all the tricks, but says in the lab they can detect cheaters, and even call them out.

"Drinking bleach will not allow you to pass a test; it will not mask the metabolites we are looking for," she says.

What bleach can do, is kill you.

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