Easter robbery caught on surveillance video

HOUSTON – Picking a lock or breaking a window was not their style.

Two burglars were dead-set on kicking this door down at an apartment complex in the Sunnyside neighborhood of southeast Houston Saturday night. The break-in was all caught on surveillance cameras.

"For them to just come and violate your territory, it was like 'wow,'" said Michelle Smith. She and her husband live at the Crystal Springs Apartments on Selinsky Road, but they weren't home when the burglars broke in.

"Coming from an Easter dinner, coming home," Smith said.

Smith said they stole her 70-inch TV, her jewelry and $3,500.

"Things that I worked hard for, things that was mine and not yours," Smith said.

The couple said they were saving up to eventually buy a house and move out of this neighborhood, but instead they're left with a broken door and a damaged sense of security.

"I hope that they pay the consequence," she said.

Smith and her husband filed a police report and police said they're waiting to get a copy of the surveillance video.