Skeletal remains found at SE Houston dig site

HOUSTON – Police have made a critical discovery in the search for body remains at a southeast Houston dig site.

Investigators said a backhoe driver digging at the site spotted the skeletal remains.

When detectives got a closer look, they determined they were, in fact, human. 

"There's enough there to know it's a body. They'll have to keep digging and get every bone they can," Detective Richard Martinez with the Houston Police Department said.

The remains are being taken to the medical examiner's office for a closer look - and to be identified.

"As of right now, we have no clue who this person is," Martinez said.

Crews have been searching and digging at the site for two weeks. William Reece is who led them there. Reece is currently serving a 60-year prison sentence for another crime, but he's been the prime suspect in Jessica Cain's disappearance.

She went missing in 1997, but recently Reece told police to start looking in this field. 

The police even took him to the field (in handcuffs) and he walked around the property with them.

Investigators say their search could be coming to a close, unless Reece gives them reason to keep digging.

"See if he has any other info as to any other bodies out here - if it is, we'll continue," Martinez said.