Temporary tattoos help customers make lifetime decision


HOUSTON – Tattoo shops in the Baltimore area are giving people a test run before they make their tattoos forever. 

Momentary Ink, a company that designs temporary tattoos, is teaming up with those shops. Customers can pick out a design to go on their body, then wear it for a few weeks to see if they actually want it on their body. 

The temporary tattoos are applied by firmly pressing down a clear sheet of the design on the skin and soaking with a wet towel. Once the skin is dry, a layer of sealing and matting solutions are sprayed over the tattoo. 

They can be removed by using rubbing alcohol, baby oil or in the shower. 

The designs cost from $15 to $21, depending on the size. 

Owners say the temporary tattoos help them feel comfortable knowing that customers are making a definite decision to ink up permanently.