Man accused of holding Nigerian woman captive has yet to hire an attorney

HOUSTON – Chudy Nsobundu said nothing as he left federal court Friday.  

Nsobundu was to tell a judge which lawyer would represent him on charges that he held a Nigerian woman in his home, in Katy, for more than two years as a slave. In court, he told the judge that he had talked with an attorney but had not yet hired one.  

Prosecutors said this case cannot proceed until he is represented. Prosecutor, Julie Searle said, "We can't move forward with the process until he has an attorney."
Both Nsobundu and his wife, Sandra Nsobundu are accused of mentally and physically abusing the unpaid nanny who lived in their Katy home. Court documents show she was allowed to only eat leftovers, not wash her hair and had to work about 20 hours a day with no pay. 
Prosecutor, Ruben Perez said, "The message is we're looking.  We're looking.  We're here.  And when we get credible threats that you're violating the law, we're here to prosecute them.  We're gonna’ prosecute you and rescue the victims as best that we can."
Nsobundu was to call Judge Frances Stacy’s office by the end of the day Friday to let her know if he had hired an attorney.  Otherwise, he was to appear in court again Tuesday at 10 a.m. to talk to a judge about his progress. His probable cause hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 10 a.m.