New Texas laws for 2016

AUSTIN – Several new Texas laws will go into effect starting January 1, including the controversial open carry of firearms. House Bill 910 will allow concealed handgun license holders to openly carry handguns.

Below is a list of other new Texas laws for 2016.

1.    House Bill 3994: Restricts “judicial bypass” process that allows minors to obtain a judge’s permission to get an abortion without their parents' consent.
2.    House Bill 991: Requires gas pumps to display the current rate of federal and state motor fuel taxes.
3.    House Bill 32: Cuts the state franchise tax by 25 percent.
4.    House Bill 1550: Allows pharmacists to administer epinephrine to patients.
5.    House Bill 910: Allows concealed handgun license holders to openly carry handguns.
6.    House Bill 1733: Sets up automobile liability insurance requirements for transportation network company drivers for services like Uber and Lyft.
7.    House Bill 2123: Expands healthcare coverage to members of the state military services who have only been employed 60 days instead of 90.
8.    Proposition 2: Allows spouses of disabled veterans to be eligible for 100 percent property tax exemptions. The law previously only allowed spouses of disabled veterans who died after Jan. 1, 2010 to take advantage of the exemption.
9.    House Bill 283: Requires governmental bodies such as county commissioners courts and boards of school districts to post video and audio recordings of public meetings online.
10.    Senate Bill 272: Allows vehicle owners to make a voluntary contribution to the Special Olympics Texas Fund when registering a vehicle or renewing a registration

Click here to view the full list of new Texas laws.