Police: Thieves break into nearly 100 mailboxes in Conroe

CONROE, Texas – Surveillance cameras outside of a home in the 400 block of Commanche Road were recording at 4 a.m. when some thieves used a crowbar to break into a mailbox.

Turns out the house on Commanche wasn’t the only one hit. The United States Postal Services estimates there were close to 100 mailboxes broken into in just two days.

“That’s a pretty big offense,” said Greg Mize, whose camera captured the crooks. He has since handed the video over to the Conroe Police; they are investigating, along with the USPS.

“When I got up my mailbox was just hanging,’ said neighbor Brenda Westcott.

The thieves didn’t discriminate -- they went after traditional mailboxes and the kind that lock. They were likely looking for prepaid gift cards, checks, even Christmas cards with cash inside.  

“Yeah, they’re looking for something quick,” Westcott said. “I found a couple of boxes, they were ripped open and the boxes were on the ground.”

Other neighbors found Christmas cards that had been opened. One family is reportedly missing a Christmas card that was put in its mailbox as outgoing mail -- in it was a check to their grandson.

The USPS is warning residents not to leave mail in their mailboxes overnight. This time of year people are out looking for things to steal.

Even if your mailbox locks, the crooks will still find a way in.

“Be alert, be watchful,” Mize said. “That’s what it takes these days.”