'In God We Trust' decal added to Brazoria County Sheriff's Office vehicles

Sheriff says there's been plenty of positive feedback

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas – In God we trust -- four simple words that are now on nearly half of the patrol units for the Brazoria County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Charles Wagner of Brazoria County said, "Since we put them on last week, everywhere I've been people have thanked me," Sheriff Charles Wagner said. "This is something I wanted to do. (I) told others, 'Let's get back to our core values,' and this is one of them."

The vehicles recently got the new decals, weeks after an opinion by the Texas attorney general that the phrase is permissible under the establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution.

The opinion was in response to another police department in the state putting the motto on their vehicles.

Wagner said, "When I saw the AG's opinion,and that I'm not going to cost the taxpayers a bunch of money with a lawsuit, it was time to do it."

The sheriff' said since putting the decals on, he's gotten plenty of positive feedback. And it appears many residents in the county don't mind.

Sherri Howard, a local resident in support of decals, said, "Everyone has their own beliefs, and I believe that we all should trust in God."

Chase Burgin, who also lives in Brazoria County said, "The sheriff has all the support down here, all the support."

Despite some who may find the decals controversial, the sheriff and his deputies said they are proud to have them on display. 

Wagner said, "Its on federal buildings, and if I can be on them, they can be on my patrol cars."

"There's a sense of pride that comes with being a part of the Sheriff's Office, but even more to having these decals added to our units," Deputy Robert McClain said.

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