Kingwood High School student with bacterial meningitis dies

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HOUSTON – A Kingwood High School student diagnosed with bacterial meningitis Wednesday has died, according to Texas Children's Hospital. 

Freshman Jacob Silva was rushed to Kingwood Medical Center on Tuesday and from there he was transported to Texas Children's Hospital, where he was put on life support. Family friend Jennifer Morris tells KPRC 2 he took his last breath around 6:15 p.m. Thursday. 

Morris said Jacob's younger brothers wanted to share a list of things all about their big brother. It said he was popular, stylish, kind and funny.

"They wanted me to tell you that they thought the world of him," Morris said.

They specifically mentioned he always helps others, which remains true to the end.

"When the time comes, he will donate generously and with kindness, kidneys and liver," Morris told Local 2.

The 15-year-old boy, who was recently excited to get his learner's permit and participate in school plays, broke hearts after he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

Kingwood High School insists none of the other students on campus are at risk. The district asked parents not be alarmed, as Silva was not diagnosed with meningococcal disease, the disease that is contagious and occurs in epidemics.