UPS driver tosses package, urinates on house

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HOUSTON – A seasonal delivery driver for UPS is out of a job after being caught on home surveillance video damaging a package and urinating on the side of a house. The incident happened on Jan. 8 at a home in the Heights.

Ben Lucas said he checked video from his surveillance cameras after coming home to find a delivered packaged smashed and the contents damaged.

"When it happened, I was like 'wait, what's going on?'" said Lucas.

Lucas' video shows a UPS driver walking up to his front gate. The gate was locked but instead of setting the package down the driver is seen tossing the box over the fence. The package broke open and damaged hundreds of dollars worth of .22 caliber ammunition, chemicals and a machine used to clean gun parts.

Adding insult to injury, the UPS driver is then seen unzipping his pants and urinating on the side of Lucas' house.

"So basically I paid someone to come to my house and pee on it," said Lucas.

Lucas said he contacted UPS and offered to send the company the video. However, Lucas said the company official he spoke with offered no real apology and seemed more concerned about the package damage than the urination. Lucas also said no one at the company seemed interested in seeing the video.

"I just wanted them to hear me and maybe give me an email address where I could send them the video," said Lucas. "They simply just didn't want to see it."

After getting what he felt was a lukewarm response from the company, Lucas decided to post the video to social media. That move finally prompted a stronger response from UPS officials.

While Local 2 Investigates was speaking with Lucas he received a call from a UPS divisional manager. Lucas said the woman did watch the video, offered an apology and an offered to send over a "we're sorry" gift.

"That's what I kind of wanted. I just wanted someone to say, 'yeah he shouldn't have done that we'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again,'" said Lucas.

Officials with UPS also sent Local 2 a written statement, "UPS was dismayed by actions that violated decency and delivery care. The local management team did take action to terminate the individual who was a seasonal delivery helper. However, they were wrong if they did not clarify this resolution with Mr. Lucas at the time. UPS sincerely apologizes to our customer. No behavior like this is acceptable."