Who killed Charlie Kato 10 years ago?

HOUSTON – A family is asking for help finding the person who killed a man almost 10 years ago.

Charlie Kato, a popular janitor at Aldine High School, was slain at his apartment complex. All these years later, his family's quest for justice continues.

Ten years can seem like an eternity when you lose someone you love, especially when that someone is your older brother with special needs. Kato spent a good 30 years working as a janitor at his alma-mater Aldine High School.

"When he graduated, he never learned to drive a car or tie a tennis shoe, but he could tell you the 1974 Astros lineup", said William Kato.

On March 5, 2003, Charlie Kato was gunned down in a parking lot while carrying a sack of garbage to a Dumpster at his north Houston apartment complex. Even though he'd been fatally wounded, Charlie Kato was able to make it home before he died.

Charlie Kato's killer is still out there, and police admit they are no closer to solving the case.

"This is really one of your worst kind of murder cases … a stranger initiated robbery/murder because there's not a lot to connect the suspect to the complainant," said HPD Sergeant Mike Peters.

As the 10-year anniversary approaches, there is renewed interest in the case. While police believe robbery may have been the motive, nothing was stolen.

William Kato said he believes his brother may have been killed as part of a gang initiation. He said he prays for the killer every day.

"I would like to sit across from him and offer him the good news and the gospel of Jesus Christ," he said.

A vague vehicle description is the only clue police have in the case. If you have any information that can help police solve this cold case, call HPD's homicide division at 713-308-3600.

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