'He is immobile. He is unable to walk': Mother says thieves stole wheelchair of her disabled child

By Sally Mamdooh - Reporter

HOUSTON - It's nearly impossible for 5-year-old Christian Gonzalez to move around because of a genetic disorder affecting his brain.

“He is immobile. He is unable to walk. He can't speak and his vision is very limited,” said Christian’s mother, Krystal Gonzalez. 

Without his mom, Christian has his wheelchair to rely on for mobility. He has used his wheelchair since he was 3 years old, but on Tuesday morning the wheelchair was stolen.

Five-year-old Christian Gonzalez relies on his wheelchair for movement, but it was recently stolen during a car burglary, his mother said.

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“There are several people who got into our van and stole our car seat, as well as my son's wheelchair,” Krystal Gonzalez said. 

She is pleading with those who she says robbed her son of his mobility to bring back his wheelchair, which cost her more than $6,000. 

Christian Gonzalez's custom-made wheelchair he has had since he was 3 years old before it was stolen by thieves.

“He loves his wheelchair. I feel more secure when he is in his wheelchair because he is unaware of his surroundings, the wheelchair grips him and it gives him a sense of security,” Krystal Gonzalez said.

The incident happened Tuesday around 5 a.m. Her security cameras captured the back of one of the thieves near her black minivan. A neighbor's camera caught a quick glimpse of the getaway car driving by.

“I just want it back. Just drop it off, no questions asked. My son deserves to be able to get out of the house. My son should be able to leave and go places and do things,” Krystal Gonzalez said. 

She said she will be placing her son in a stroller until she can find him another wheelchair. Krystal Gonzalez has started a GoFund Me account to help buy her son a new wheelchair.

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