Snapchat's new filters: KPRC2, celebrities go wild with fun features

Britta Merwin tries out the gender swap filter on Snapchat. (KPRC)

HOUSTON – The people at Snapchat took their popular filters to the next level last week when they introduced a new gender-swapping filter and Snapchat users cannot get enough of it.

Just like any other Snapchat filter, your face can be transformed into a feminine woman with rosie cheeks and sparkly eyes, or a rugged man with perfect five o'clock shadow and a strong jawline. 

If you use Snapchat then you might have noticed some friends playing around with the app and laughing about how crazy they look, while others have been posting their transformations on Twitter and realizing that they look exactly like their siblings. 


Christine Noel and Andy Cerota



Britta Merwin:


Haley Hernandez:


Owen Conflenti:


Here are a few other celebrities and online personalities who enjoyed the Snapchat filters, too.