10 hilarious Halloween costumes guaranteed to make you LOL

Bob Ross, stick figure, marshmallow man among items from Amazon

Costume/photo from Amazon.com.
Costume/photo from Amazon.com.

Sure, Halloween is considered a spooky holiday, but it's also an opportune time to show off some humor.

I mean, really, no witch costume will ever trump a giant, blow-up dinosaur costume -- at least not when it comes to getting all the laughs at your friend's costume party.

Here are some ideas that will leave everyone cracking up, and all are available on Amazon.

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1.) Bob Ross couples costume set

For starters (and finishers), it's Bob Ross! There will never be a shortage of memes when it comes to Bob Ross. Why? Because there is something so iconic and hilarious about his look and demeanor as he paints happy trees.

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