MD Anderson Cancer Center breaks ground on expansion of Proton Therapy Center

Expansion will cost $159 million


HOUSTON – The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center on Thursday broke ground for an expansion of its Proton Therapy Center. 

The expansion, which will cost $159 million, will double the center’s size to more than 160,000 square feet. 

Estimated to be completed by November 2023, the expanded facility will include eight radiation therapy machines that rotate 360 degrees around a patient to deliver a beam to the exact area intended for treatment. 

Proton therapy is an advanced type of radiation treatment that uses a beam of protons to deliver radiation directly to a tumor, destroying cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue. 

The therapy is issued to treat a number of cancers in adult and pediatric patients, including prostate, lung, head and neck, liver, esophagus and brain cancers and lymphoma.