What to eat at Minute Maid Park and hit a homer with your diet

HOUSTON – There's no end to possibilities of food at Minute Maid Park this year.

Aramark took your suggestions and knocked it out of the park: tacos, sliders, Cajun cuisine, barbecue funnel cake and more.

This year, Minute Maid Park got a gourmet upgrade and some of their options get a positive review from Advice for Eating dietician Catherine Kruppa.


Peanuts might be a staple at the ballpark, but Kruppa said an entire bag of peanuts equals 700 calories! Split peanuts or take half the bag home.

Hot Dogs

Kruppa said yes to the hot dogs and hamburgers with minimal toppings! Once you add queso, bacon or other toppings that don’t add nutritional value, you pack on the calories.

“The hot dog sliders would be on the top of my list,” she explained. “The beef that they use for those is the Nolan Ryan beef which is very natural, they use the best ingredients possible to keep the taste good but also a little early on the healthy side so that's good so anything made with Nolan Ryan products are good choices.”

DAT Creole Meat Pie

The Cajun inspired meat pie is served in section 102.

“The beef that they use in there is actually a really lean beef so that's good but then you have to pastry crust in the sauce that's unhealthy, but again if it's a little small portion, that's fine,” Kruppa said.

Speaking of small, some of the new items are served like tapas, and sharing is always a bonus for dieters!

BBQ Funnel Cake

“I can't imagine there's anything healthy about it but I bet it's delicious,” she said.

However, she said there is one redeeming quality, this menu item has kale among many fattening ingredients: pulled pork, chopped beef, smoked sausage, citrus kale, black bean slaw, golden grain mustard BBQ sauce served on a deep-fried funnel cake.

In the end, Kruppa said if you don't go to games regularly, you get a pass for a small splurge. “There people that just go to the Astros game one or two times in the season and those people, go have fun!”


Advice for Eating recommends no soda or beer, especially no beer on an empty stomach because then you could lose willpower to make healthy food choices.