How household chores led to 75 pound weight loss for local woman

Did you know you can burn hundreds of calories with chores like gardening, vacuuming and painting?

Talitta Coleman lost 75 pounds over five years with a workout routine that was mostly at home.

"Sometimes you just get in the routine and I don't even know that I'm doing it anymore, so it just kind of comes natural," Coleman said.

Her routine is exercising and eating right. She's in online support groups, has a strict diet program and makes healthy choices while she's at restaurants, but everything she does to maintain her successful weight loss is at home, no gym or money required, a lot of the time with everyday chores.

"It's a lot easier and plus you don't have to worry about what you look like when you go to work out,” she said.
While vacuuming, Coleman said she burns about 250 calories. By squatting down and going up for a calf raise, she makes it a total leg workout.

Plus she recommends adding some leg work to unloading groceries. At Coleman’s home in Anderson, Texas she has cows and horses that require lifting big bags of feed, but she says you can do this with any pet food.

Get any pet involved in an hour of outside playtime and she said that can burn another 250 calories.

“Just running back and forth, playing with the dogs, I’m out of breath, my heart rate is up, I’m starting to sweat and I was having fun, it wasn't really exercise,” Coleman said.