Local doctor saves husband's life after spotting his skin cancer through photos

Kelsey-Seybold Dr. Steffanie Campbell and her husband Matt, married 10 years ago, and she still has all of their photos on her phone.

It was when they were expecting their first child, flipping through photos and reflecting on their relationship, when she saw something alarming.

"Looking at pictures I had taken when I was pregnant and through our wedding and we noticed there was a spot on his cheek that continued to become more prominent and we noticed it had actually changed over time," Steffanie said.

The tell-tale signs of skin cancer: change in shape, size, color, was an indication that her husband (who is also a doctor) had the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma.

"I had to go through two procedures on my face," Dr. Matt Campbell said. "They then took skin from behind both my ears and made a skin graft."

Both doctors were shocked at how skin cancer had been staring them in the face and was not that easy to recognize, especially since the spot grew extremely gradually.

"If you look at your face every day, multiple times, it's hard for you to pick up changes that are happening very, very slowly," he said. "I think that's the case with a lot of patients... they've had these changes occur subtly over time and then when they reflect back over the last year it becomes much more obvious to them."

Steffanie Campbell said the subtle mark was not noticeable until comparing photos years apart because it blended in with her husband's freckles.

"I think the way the flash hit his face made it more prominent and it was far more noticeable," she said giving credit to the photo for revealing the disease.

Matt Campbell's cancer was caught early and he is doing fine now.