Houston man says his injury inspired family business

Studies underway to evaluate effectiveness of cooling on injuries

HOUSTON – "I experienced a very severe head trauma," said Dylan Sanson, as he described the moments after getting hit by a drunk driver. "If I could have had a treatment for myself, something like an ice helmet, my outcome could have been different."

Sansone claimed his injuries helped lead to their family business. His father, Stan Sansone, said the cooling devices they sell, called the "911 Medical Devices" for the neck, head and back, can be used for a lot of things.

"You put this on your neck," said Stan Sansone. "You put this on your head. You can put this on for heat strokes, concussions and things like that."

While there are studies looking into the efectiveness of ice on concussions and stroke, there's no medical proof that it does more than reduce swelling.

"It certainly wouldn't make any kind of concussion injury worse but I’m not sure how helpful it would be for any particular concussion syndrome," said Dr. Robbyn Traylor, of Next Level Urgent Care.

Traylor said the biggest benefit to the cooling devices is that it makes it easy to help heal injuries.

"Now, you can just wear it and not think about trying to hold any device in place," Traylor said.

Plus, it should eliminate aches and pains, including arthritis, joint pain and heat complications.

"If you can put ice on an injury as soon as possible, it may even help to speed your recovery time and get you back to normal sooner," Traylor said.

That is exactly why the Sansones are ready for business.

"I do believe this could help somebody in the future," Dylan Sansone said.

For more information about the devices, visit 911medicaldevices.com.