Ghosts, candy and more: 12 unique ways to have fun in Galveston

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HOUSTON – Whether you're not a fan of sand in your toes (and everywhere else) or just want to enjoy another side of the island, Galveston is much more than just the beach.

There are museums, boat tours, ghosts, candy and many other activities perfect for a day of family fun.

Here are just a few things to enjoy in Galveston other than the beach:


Galveston Harbor Tours

Go sightseeing in the Galveston Harbor and learn about the wide variety or wildlife with a 60-minute tour aboard the Seagull II. According to the website, you can either take the sights in from the shaded main deck, or enjoy a full 360 panoramic view from the open upper deck. More information:


Whether you want to visit the Bolivar Peninsula or just hitch a ride in hopes of catching a glimpse of dolphins, the Galveston-Port Bolivar Ferry is a fun, free way to enjoy the water without getting in. For those who do want to refresh themselves, sometimes you can stand at the front of the ferry and get splashed as the vessel moves through the water. Parking is available for those who want to ride the ferry without having to board with their vehicles. More information:

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