🔒Obsessed with this Astros sari, an out-of-this world Baby Orbit and pups with serious Halloween style: See the best of our latest Click2Pins submissions

Click2Pins submissions (Click2, Copyright 2022 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.)

HOUSTON – In case you’re wondering, Click2Pins.com is where we find the photos that are making your life what it is in Southeast Texas. We love seeing your submissions of weather, animals, news around where you are and touching moments that bring us closer to what matters to you.

Thank you so much to those who have submitted their videos and photos to us and congratulations to those who have been included in the roundup below.

Here are some of this week’s best Click2Pins.com submissions. We’ve put a 📸 icon beside our favorite for the week:

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Those eyes! 😍


Happy Halloween.

Superheroes getting some downtime


Benz and Bugatti are ready to trick or treat.

Clowning around


Here is our Dino (a terrier mix) wearing his joker costume!

San Antonio

Puppy pope


My pug Gibby dressed as the pope!

San Antonio

Disney for Halloween


Davion Curtis 2 months as Dumbo

This dog has arms


Presenting for your astonishment.... Womble the Ironbull!!!!! The-strongest- bully- in the world.....

Santa Clara


Pins User

Louie Best BeatleJuice

Target is even better with doggos


This is Tux, the Target Team member! 🐾

Hollywood Park

Scary good

Marlena Lau

Lula Mae is ready for Halloween


“Hocus Pocus”!

SkyWatcher (Oscar)

Boy howdy! There's a lot of hocus pocus going on.

Spring Branch


Davis Girls Love The Stros

Pumpkin By Taylor Davis Age 11 GO STROS!



Baby Orbit

Santa Fe

So alert!

Monica Martinez

Chelsea & Laci ready for game one

Look at that face!🥰

Debbie Oliver

Mud wants everyone to help him cheer on the Astros!! How can anyone refuse that face!!!

She’s got great attitude!


#1 Fan! Go Astros!


We’re on Lucy and Mabel’s team! 📸

Lucy and Mabel

Lucy and Mabel are ready to root for our Astros !! 🧡💙 Let’s gooooo!


GOOOOOO ASTROS!!!! Nice job, Avery!


Avery, age 5, made this picture to cheer on her favorite team. GO ASTROS!

Sugar Land

We’re obsessed with her Astros sari! 💗💗💗💗💗

Jhanvi Thakar

Custom-made Astros saree for World Series.

Jhanvi Thakar

Custom-made Astros gear for WS.

Jhanvi Thakar

Heading for the WS Game 2 at Minute Maid Park!

Scary good Astros style

Jhanvi Thakar

World Series Game 2 memories!

Sugar Land

Happy Halloween to you, CHLOE! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃


Chloe is wishing KPRC a Happy Halloween

Texas City

Great costume!

The Redmon Family

Our Little Scientist!

So beautiful!


Hide & Seek in the Fall Colors

San Antonio

On Galveston Bay


Chilling with my babies in Galveston Bay.



Kelly C

Overnight house guests..


The start of a horror movie?


Clowning around in Galveston Bay. Good morning to y’all! Remember to be patient on the roads this evening. Happy Halloween.


Good morning, Juice Box!

Paul B

The Juice Box at sunrise, Wednesday


All the colors…

Park Row

Keep ‘em coming, y’all! We could feature your videos or photos in our next roundup story!

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