Staying on track for scenic views: The best places to experience railbike tours

Courtesy photo. (American Railbike Adventures)

Railroads might be used less and less for transportation, but they still are of good use for recreation thanks to the presence of railbikes.

Of course, that might beg the obvious question for some.

What exactly are railbikes?

Railbikes are pedal-power carts that are ridden on railroad tracks and have the same style as recumbent bikes in the way people sit on them and pedal.

When going on a railbike adventure, you can expect to leave in a group with tour leaders at the front and back for safety, with the pace set by the lead guide.

If that sounds interesting to you, there are several places around the country that offer these unique adventures.

Here are a few of those spots where railbike adventures are offered, according to For more detailed information such as complete route and cost of each one, click the links below.

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