This Katy home is turning heads with seriously creepy Halloween display inspired by Mexico’s ‘Island of the Dolls’

Brenda Haynes decorated her home with different kinds of dolls, drawing inspiration from Mexico's 'Isla De Las Munecas' (Brenda Haynes/Twitter)

KATY, Texas – There’s spooky, and then there’s Brenda Haynes' spooky.

The Katy homeowner is keeping the Halloween spirit alive by turning her home on the 6200 block of Pleasant Stream Drive into a replica of Mexico City’s “Isla De Las Munecas”, or “Island of the Dolls”, a place that has been on her bucket list for a long time.

Haynes, who decorated her front yard with over 200 different kinds of porcelain and Barbie dolls, had seen more people stop by the front of her house to take a look, or even take some pictures.

“The first few days [last year] having the dolls out, the neighbors kind of stared at my home and even had the police drive by real slowly, and I thought I was being reported," she told KPRC 2.

Mexico City’s ‘Island of the Dolls’ was created and owned by Don Julian Santana Barrera, when legend said that he found a little girl that drowned mysteriously, according to Mexican folklore. Because he was not able to save the little girl’s life, he began to decorate the whole island with dolls after finding one floating on the water.

The dolls have been said to move their heads around and opened their eyes.

“I’m not the traditional pumpkin-and-witches kind of thing," Haynes said. “I wanted to decorate something that is based on a real place.”

Haynes said this would be the final year she would decorate the dolls in her yard. She told KPRC 2 that even though the dolls won’t be there, she wants to take this experience to “bring back the spooky” in Halloween for her neighborhood next year.

“Halloween is starting to dwindle down, and kids are not coming out as much as before,” she told KPRC 2. “Being in a hidden street, I mean, I wanted to let the neighborhood kids to know that 'hey, I’m here, this is cool, come check it out.”

The dolls will remain until Nov. 2, which is also “Day of The Dead” in Mexico.

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