Whataburger announces updated design, plans expansion to more states

Whataburger unveiled a new look for their new "Refresh" remodel coming soon to most Whataburger. (Whataburger)

HOUSTON – Whataburger has announced expansion plans and a new restaurant design that will be coming soon.

In a release Wednesday, Whataburger said new restaurants will be added in Tennessee and Kansas City, with planned eventual growth in other states. Currently, 10 states have Whataburger restaurants, including Texas.

There are 15 more restaurants that will have their grand openings this year, with 25 more coming next year, the company said.

James Turcotte, Whataburger Senior Vice President, Real Estate said the outpouring support of fans all over the country is exciting. He also said that he does not know what other cities will receive a Whataburger restaurant but will share “when the time is right.”

Whataburger will also begin to offer franchising opportunities for the first time in 20 years. The company said the opportunity will allow the company to open even more restaurants in more areas quickly and efficiently while bringing jobs to the area.

Refreshing the restaurant

Whataburger also announced plans to roll out a brand new look for their restaurants Wednesday, equipped with LED lighting and efficient equipment for 24-hour use.

Not to worry, Turcotte said, you will continue to see orange and white in every restaurant. “That’s not going away anytime soon.”

The majority of the remodels will include upgrades to kitchen equipment and exterior updates such as windows and doors. Turcotte said needs are based on each operating restaurant.

Check out some of the renderings of Whataburger’s upcoming remodel:

Whataburger's "refresh" look coming soon to restaurants (Whataburger)
Whataburger's "refresh" coming soon to restaurants (Whataburger)
Whataburger's "refresh" look coming soon to restaurants (Whataburger)
Whataburger's "refresh" look coming soon to restaurants (Whataburger)

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