5 reasons ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team’ is a guilty pleasure for Texans

Dallas Cowboys Cheeleaders
Dallas Cowboys Cheeleaders (Instagram: @dccheerleaders)

No matter how much one may dislike the Dallas Cowboys, watching CMT’s “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” is a guilty pleasure for many Texans.

The show chronicles try-outs, training camp, and every team cut leading up to the first game of the season.

Throughout the show, viewers witness all it takes to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and what it means to each candidate trying to make the 36-member team.

The team prides itself as a first-class organization represented by first-class young women.

The cheerleaders rise to worldwide popularity dates back to the 70s, when the squad began to appear on network television specials and commercials.

Kicking off the ’78 season, the cheerleaders hosted their own one-hour special entitled “The 36 Most Beautiful Girls in Texas.”

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