Mom brightens pandemic days with epic sidewalk chalk art, humor

Woman brings beloved childhood characters to life

WINTER PARK, Fla. – A Florida mom is using her sidewalk and some colorful chalk to do her part as she stays home during the pandemic.

She’s bringing to life popular childhood characters with her chalk art while adding some humor to her outdoor masterpieces.

"Laughter is the best medicine," Casey Drake said. "We could all use a little bit of humor right now, I think."

The mother of two and former science teacher has drawn about six different characters and counting.

"I had seen on Facebook some other people using chalk drawings with like uplifting messages," Drake said.

But her drawings have different messages which touch base on things experienced throughout the pandemic. One example is the Little Mermaid sitting on top of several rolls of toilet paper and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz along with her famous phrase “There’s no place like home” only in this drawing Casey took creative freedom to add “Seriously, stay home” referring to the importance of the state’s stay at home orders.

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