Why I love Texas: Dominique Sachse shares a poem about why she loves living in the Lone Star State

Dominique Sachse
Dominique Sachse (KPRC 2)

HOUSTONWhy I Love Living in Texas is a weekly feature where Texans share why they love living here. If you want to submit your story, send a column to click2houston@kprc.com.

Beloved KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse wrote this poem amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Why I love living in Texas

A poem by Dominique Sachse

Bigger and badder and bolder than most,

Our state and its people I’m here to toast.

From Amarillo to Laredo, Beaumont to El Paso,

The sheer size of our space and our hearts I’ll lasso.

Separated by highways, roads and dirt trails,

They connect us, like ropes to a horse and rigging on sails.

We come from all around, our desire its unity,

To a life of opportunity and a sense of community.

Drawn like a moth to a flame to stake our claim.

And witness medical ingenuity and wildcatter fame.

Some talk with a twang, others in boots,

A hat for sure, yet you’ll find many in suits.

One thing’s for sure, and I know you hear it,

We’re connected by an insurmountable 'can do spirit.’

We care about neighbor, our work and our players.

Loyal fans in bright colors, those loyal soothsayers.

Texans and Cowboys, heated I-45 rivalry.

’Stros, Dash and Dynamo under the sun to see.

Now to the food, we’re not known for our pizzas,

Pass the chips and salsa and pour some margaritas.

Plates full BBQ and orangy sauce,

Bright red critters, there’s a crawdad to toss!

We drive in our trucks, their size raising the bar,

Some prefer the roar of a shiny sports car.

The SUV marries the cowgirl and city slicker in me.

Each vehicle a designer in our diversity.

Our differences defined, the common bond much stronger.

I’ve got your back

You’ve got mine

We’re alone no longer.