This genius TikTok will teach you how to get your bathroom smelling better than ever

Scrubbing the floors with shaving cream: Have you ever heard of this?

Here's how you can keep your bathroom smelling super fresh. (Pexels.)

TikTok is great for so many things. There are cooking tutorial videos, makeup tips and, obviously, videos that will make you laugh.

If you’ve never experienced the cleaning world of TikTok, it’s time to buckle up.

So many creators on TikTok have so many tips on how you can really make your floors, counters and entire bathrooms shine.

This TikTok below was inspired by little boys, who may have issues aiming into the toilet bowl, as they learn how to potty train.

The woman who created the video has a ton of tips on how to spruce up your bathroom and have it smelling as fresh as a daisy for when company comes over.

Her first tip is to scrub the floors with shaving cream. Had anyone else heard that?

Apparently, it gets the urine smell off your floors right away.

Next up is adding a little bit of detergent or fabric softener to the tank of your toilet, so that the water running through it smells nice.

Other tips include adding some cleaner to your toilet bowl scrubber carrier, hiding a car freshener in your bathroom garbage can and dousing cotton balls with essential oils and stuffing them inside a toilet paper roll. That last idea is our favorite. How genius is that?

If you want to see the full video and get all the tips on how to make your bathroom smell like a field of flowers, watch this TikTok.

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