Calling all Texans fans: All the places you should eat, drink before heading to NRG

Hungry? You’re about to be

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HOUSTON – Maybe you're getting ready to head over to NRG Stadium for a Houston Texans game. Or perhaps it'd just be fun to be in the area when Sunday Night Football's on.

Either way, you might get hungry or thirsty out there -- but fear not, because Houston has a ton of food and drink options.

Some of these are fairly close to the stadium, others aren't so much. But hey, we don't know where you're coming from or how much time you have. You could be looking for a quick bite and cocktail, or you might opt to make a day of it.

Just remember: Drink responsibly, designate a driver, grab an Uber ... whatever you need to do.

Oh, and even if you're not a Texans fan, but you need some ideas of bars and restaurants -- it goes without saying, if you're in the area or you're looking to try somewhere new, we hope there's something on this list for everyone. Cheers!

Coaches Corner Sports Bar, 7820 Almeda Road

Coaches Corner offers watch parties and game-day events, and people love the restaurant’s food, according to the bar's Facebook page. One fan called the establishment “one of Houston’s best-kept secrets.”

Order a burger!

Pssst. This is less than 2 miles from the stadium, so you should be golden if you're heading to the game.

Burns Original BBQ, 8307 1/2 De Priest St.

Here’s what Eater had to say about this hot spot: “A fixture of the Acres Homes neighborhood since the 1980s, Burns BBQ serves low-key yet high-quality barbecue favorites for the meat-loving masses. Anthony Bourdain paid this spot a visit while shooting "Parts Unknown" in Houston. Order a small-end rib or a slab of ribs depending on your appetite, but either way, don’t be afraid to get messy.”

Sounds like the perfect way to kick off a Texans game, really.

We should note, Burns isn’t close to NRG, so you’ll have to plan your day accordingly. But still, this fixture definitely deserves a spot on our list.

Emmit’s Place, 4852 Benning Drive

Here’s a cozy-looking little bar that boasts some incredible drink specials. Regardless of whether you want to grab a drink before the big game, watch the game from somewhere new, or avoid it altogether (hey, not everyone’s into sports, or maybe you know you’re bringing a friend who doesn’t get down with football), Emmit’s is your place. It has live music, drink specials, a Monday night jam session, and even karaoke.

Click on each pinpoint on the map below to see where the bars and restaurants on this list are located.

Huynh Restaurant, 912 Saint Emanuel St.

Just looking to grab a bite, and then you’re heading elsewhere for the game? (Or maybe you've got tickets? Jealous).

Fill up on some home-style Vietnamese favorites -- especially if you’re going to have a beer or two at NRG. We should note, if you’re looking for a pre-game cocktail, Huynh doesn’t serve alcohol, but you can BYOB for $2.50 a person. Read this review if you want to know more about the food. ... Sounds delicious!

It’s a drive, not a walk, to NRG, but it shouldn’t take long if you time it right.

Hunter’s Pub, 10549 S. Post Oak Road

Anyone up for a dive bar?

"This Southwest Houston/Meyerland neighborhood bar is located in a strip mall and is home to friendly power-drinkers and regulars who might play an occasional game of pool or shuffleboard in between their drinking sessions,” the Houston Press writes. “The crowd tends to be made up of interesting characters who like to share their life stories with you if you're interested; you will find more working-class blue-collar types than yuppies or hipsters here."

Hunter’s is about 5 miles from NRG, but we think that still counts as close enough. Split a ride-share with your friends and you’ll be to the stadium in no time.

Libra Lounge, 12403 Hillcroft St.

Libra Lounge used to be slightly closer to NRG, but its Facebook page shows it recently switched locations. If you’re up for it, Libra still might be worth your time. The seating looks so comfortable and spacious, their outdoor options are even better, and on social media, it shows they’ve had plenty of happy hour-style events and fun things popping. Snag a cocktail; seems like you won’t regret it.

Hugo’s, 1600 Westheimer Road

What a beautiful building!

OK, we have the ultimate plan for you: Brunch at Hugo’s and then the game! Of course, this might not work out every week, depending on the Texans’ schedule, but hear us out: their Sunday brunch buffet goes from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., and it’s loaded with traditional Mexican dishes, delicious desserts and creative cocktails. Live music is on the agenda from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m.

Uber or Lyft over to the stadium afterward and you’ll be the happiest person ever.

Red River Ice House, 10308 Main St.

Red River looks to be a popular hangout for employees from the nearby medical center who stop by after work for beer and pizza.

“Our beer is ice cold, our mixed drinks are delicious, and good times are always happening,” Red River says online. “Don’t forget to try our popular burgers, Philly steaks and nacho plates.”

Who could argue with any of the above?

Sidelines Bar at the Holiday Inn, 8111 Kirby Drive

Sidelines Bar has been described as cozy with pretty decent food, including a solid burger option and a tasty chopped beef barbecue sandwich.

“The bar has an impressive little selection of red and white wines if that is your thing, as well as Saint Arnold and Blue Moon Beer on draft,” the Houston Press said.

Bonus: This place is one of the closest to the stadium!

Artisans Restaurant, 3201 Louisiana St.

Eater described Artisans as “the perfect stop on a two-part date before a game or concert.”

This definitely isn’t game-day food, as you’ll find it to be fine French cuisine, but if you’re feeling fancy, why not give it a shot?

The article linked above mentions coffee-crusted venison carpaccio and the duck confit pâté rillette with arugula pesto. Whoa.

Reef, 2600 Travis St.

Want to feel like you’re at the beach, even in Midtown Houston? Look no further. Reef has got you covered with some pretty delicious-sounding seafood. The restaurant was damaged in Hurricane Harvey in 2017, but reopened earlier this year, according to reports.

Anywhere we left off the list that you’re definitely hitting up this NFL season? Drop us your suggestions in the comments.

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