Meet Harveigh: Adorable calf rescued during Hurricane Harvey forges strong bond with Fulshear family

FULSHEAR, Texas – An adorable calf that was rescued from a flooded pasture during Hurricane Harvey has a new life closer to humans and one special dog in Fulshear.

PHOTOS: Orphaned calf rescued during Hurricane Harvey finds new family

Tammy Canton has been raising Harveigh the calf since she was born during the hurricane and was unable to nurse from her mother.

On a Facebook page about Harveigh’s many adventures since the hurricane, Canton recalls finding the calf standing in the cold rain.



“We brought her inside in attempt to save her,” Canton wrote. “With dangerously low body temperature, having little to no colostrum from her mom, her chances of survival were against her. Stores were closed, roads were flooded, families were being evacuated all around us. I believe God had other plans for one of his creatures. Maybe it is to show people how strong the bond between animals and humans can be, or the bond between a so called dangerous breed of dog; the pit bull.”

Sealy is so patient with Harveigh. Sealy is not being hurt in the video so don’t worry. However Harveigh is getting bigger so play time is monitored.

Posted by Harveigh’s Story on Friday, November 24, 2017

Canton wrote that her dog, Sealy, a pit bull, has adopted the calf as her own.

“Sealy loves to spend her time playing, cleaning, and protecting baby Harveigh,” Canton wrote. “These two have such a special bond.”

Harveigh enjoying this beautiful afternoon!

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The adorable calf spent time in Canton’s house as she recovered, but now has a home in a “cow condo” outside.

Harveigh’s new cow condo is finally ready!!! I’m not sure who likes it more, the dogs or Harveigh. Now on for the decorations!!!

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But it wasn’t so easy getting Harveigh to acclimate to it. During her first night, the calf left the "cow condo" and ended up sleeping outside in a dog bed by the house door.

Tonight Miss Harveigh is spending her first night outside. To most, it’s no big deal.. cows sleep outside. However,...

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Harveigh is now living outside with her own heater.

Harveigh is getting her very own heater for her cow condo. Hopefully this will help her stay outside at night.

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However, she does come inside every now and then – especially since the holiday fun is happening at Canton’s home.

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..... a few cute Christmas pictures and a cow knocking down my Christmas tree! 🎄

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“She is pretty special,” Canton said of Harveigh. “She is definitely different from other cows as she only bonds with dogs. She is terrified of other cows.”

Canton said Harveigh will eventually move to the barn, but will never be sold.

"That will be a sad day," Canton said of the move to the barn, adding: "but she will live with us forever."   

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