All the school bonds Houston-area voters will see on ballots during Nov. 5 election


HOUSTON – Voters head to the polls Tuesday and, along with 10 statewide propositions, Houston-area voters will also vote on various local races and bonds, county bonds and school district bonds. 

Here's a look at all the different school bonds up for a vote Tuesday in the Houston area: 

Conroe ISD: 

Conroe voters will decide on two proposed school bond packages on the Tuesday ballot after voters failed to pass a proposed package in May. Neither of the propositions, if passed, will result in a tax increase for property owners, the district says. 

Proposition A in the bond referendum focuses on the allocation of $653.5 million in funds toward the growth of the Conroe Independent School District, including new schools and facilities, renovations to existing campuses, security, transportation and support services and land.

Proposition B, if passed, would allocate $23.8 million toward turf field conversions on several campuses. 
You can see a breakdown of how the money is divided among the projects here

If voters choose to not pass the bond packages Tuesday, the school district's proposed contingency plan will include freeing up funds by declaring targeted hiring freezes, enacting staffing cuts, increasing class sizes, rezoning, delaying of pre-K programs, giving minimal salary increases and more. The school district says projections show no impact on property owners' tax rate at least until 2022. You can see the full contingency plan here

Waller ISD

Voters in Waller County will decide on a $295.2 million bond package to allocate funds for renovation and repurposing of campuses to larger facilities, expanding programs, enhancing school security and making upgrades to technology and infrastructure. School district officials project the student population nearly doubling in the next few years and say Proposition A would allow the district to prepare for the growth. You can learn more about what's on the table here

Cleveland ISD

Cleveland Independent School District voters will decide on whether $198 million will be funneled toward building two new elementary schools and one middle school, renovation of an elementary school and training and development of staff and administrative offices. The school district also projects rapid growth of the student population and doesn't believe property taxes will need to increase to pay for the improvements. You can read more about Proposition A on the Cleveland ISD website

Angleton ISD

Voters will decide Tuesday whether or not to allocate $90 million toward a new CTE Center, a new transportation center, energy upgrades, high school classroom renovations, softball field renovations and the addition of a stage at Central Elementary School. The school district says that, at present, it can raise the bond without the need to increase property taxes, due to growth in the school district. Read more on the Angleton ISD website

Royal ISD

The Royal Independent School District voter community will decide on a $34.8 bond that will go toward additions to the Early Childhood Center, renovations to campuses, upgrades to security and improvements to an access road, among others. 

"If approved, the estimated maximum tax impact of the total bond proposal is anticipated to be an increase of 5.4 cents, but House Bill 3, a school finance bill passed recently by the 86th Texas Legislature, will compress the tax rate by 10.16 cents, resulting in a total tax rate of $1.4812," the school district wrote. "That is an overall decrease of 4.76 cents in the total tax rate." 

You can read more on the Royal ISD website