Mother's Day Deals: Here are some ways to save money, honor the mom in your life

HOUSTON – Mother's Day is this Sunday. If you don't yet have a gift for the woman that gave you life, you gotta get moving.

You can still get your order in now to get the flowers to mom on Sunday. When you do, you don't want to forget these promo codes to save some money.

At 1-800-FLOWERS, today through Saturday, use promo code "MOM" to get 20% off your order. Use COMPSHIP to get free shipping on some gifts like plants, cookies and chocolates. 

Save 25% by ordering today with code "25MOM." 

From You Flowers has arrangments starting at $30. You'll get 15% off with the code IR5 at checkout. 

FTD, Teleflora and ProFlowers are all giving you 20% off, which is about what you'll pay for shipping. 

How would you like to give your mom or yourself the day off? Kraft Foods is reimbursing up to 500 moms the cost of their babysitter on Mother's day. 

Here's how it works:

On Sunday, go to the Kraft website and upload your receipt if you use a babysitting service. 

If you don't, you have to send a signed proof of payment (basically a letter you sign and date) explaining who you hired and why you need some time away for Mother's Day.

If you're chosen, you will receive up to $100 to cover your babysitting bill.

Have that letter typed up before Sunday because Kraft will reimburse moms until they have given away $50,000. 

If you are chosen, Kraft says you will receive a check within six to eight weeks.