Shrink-a-Bill promises to lower monthly bills with no headaches

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

From your cable and internet bill to your cellphone and home alarm, it's hard to keep track of all the monthly expenses, much less keep all of the charges down.

Consumer expert Amy Davis discovered a new company that claims it can help. If Shrink-a-Bill  can't lower your bill, they'll send you a $25 gift card to your favorite restaurant.

Here's how it works. Just upload a copy of your most recent bill for almost anything like TV, cable, internet, trash or water service (private, not municipal services), gym memberships, cellphone or landline service, etc).   The company will need some information on your account to negotiate on your behalf; but they won't make any changes without your consent. Shrink-a-Bill charges one-third of whatever they save you. You keep the rest. If they can't save you anything, there's no charge.

We submitted several bills from KPRC employees from ADT, UVverse, Xfinity and Verizon. Reporter Haley Hernandez let us experiment with her ADT bill. She was paying $47.99 a month. Shrink-a-Bill scored her a one-time credit of $51.56. Then lowered her monthly payment by $8 over the next 19 months.
That's a total savings of $203.56. Haley now owes Shrink-a-Bill $67.17, so she'll actually save $136.39.

Shrink-a-Bill saved another KPRC producer more than 35% on his ADT bill. The company will send you a bill for its service. You realize the savings of the lowered bill each month.

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