Back-to-school items worth buying at dollar stores, those you should skip

HOUSTON – If you're still checking items off your child's school supply list, you'll probably have to go to a couple of different stores to find everything you need. Dollar stores can save you money, but not on everything. 

Here are four back to school items worth buying at the dollar store and those you should skip:

Things to buy at dollar stores.

Pre-K and kindergarten students will go through a lot of handwriting tablets. They can be tough to find after the start of the school year. You can stock up now for $1 each.

Things to not buy at dollar stores.

Skip the dollar store pencils. Teachers say they break and jam the sharpeners. They prefer the Ticonderoga brand. 

Things to buy at dollar stores.

If you know you'll need poster boards, you can get them now for just $.50 at the Dollar Store.

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