Odd-looking glasses claim to help you see to put on eye makeup

HOUSTON – If you wear readers to see close up, putting on makeup may be a challenge.

It's a struggle for millions of women who need glasses to see because they have to take the glasses off to apply makeup. That's where the EZ Makeup Glasses claim to help.

They've got a rotating lens that says it magnifies whatever you're looking at by THREE times. There are lights built into the frames to illuminate the area of your face where you are applying makeup. 

Lupe Cantu of Richmond volunteered to try the glasses in hopes they would make her routine easier every morning.

"I'm almost 60, so trying to wear glasses and put your makeup on, it just makes it a little hard," Cantu explained. 

Like a lot of women, Cantu uses a hand-held magnifying mirror and her big bathroom mirror to put on her face, but she still can't see as well as she'd like.

She was not impressed when she switched on the tiny lights on the EZ Makeup Glasses. 

"That's not very much light," she said. "I was expecting a cha-bang or something!"

There was also no "cha-bang" when she tried to use the magnifying rotating lens on the glasses.

"I mean like this is kind of blurry," she said. "I still have to use this," she said, picking up her old magnifying mirror.

Even with the open frame at the top, applying makeup with the glasses is tough. 

"I mean, how am I supposed to put mascara on my bottom lashes?" Cantu asked. The mascara wand kept hitting the bottom frame of the EZ Makeup Glasses. 

"I couldn't even finish putting on my makeup," Cantu said. "There's just no way because I could not see what I was doing."

We bought the EZ Makeup Glasses at CVS for $14.99, but Cantu says you shouldn't. 

"Why? For what?" she asked. "This does not magnify. It does make things closer."

Cantu gave the glasses a thumbs down.