As seen on TV Tuesday: Does the Lizard Cam leave you blind?

HOUSTON – Whether it's a slow drain or a dryer vent clogged with lint, sometimes you need to see what you're dealing with before you can fix a problem. That is where the Lizard Cam comes in. 

The makers of the As Seen on TV product claims it can bend, feed and see into hard-to-reach places.

Charlie McCray, in Cypress, knows his way around a kitchen, under the hood and inside his 20-gauge shotgun. Before we even showed up, he was thinking of all the ways he could use the Lizard Cam. 

"Couple things I was curious to see if it actually works," McCray said. "See how much lint's in the dryer and see how bad the garbage disposal looks." 

The commercial shows clear video from the tiny camera on the end of a 4-foot flexible cable. 

But when McCray put the camera down his vent, he said he "couldn't make out a whole lot. Seems like the area was not really too confined. Maybe it was too open to see things in there."

It was a similar story when he tried to look under his refrigerator.

Unless you're looking for something specific like a ring or an earring or something, it's kind of hard to make heads or tails, so he dropped his wedding band down the garbage disposal.

The camera picked it up, but when he screwed on the hook attachment as the commercial describes ("add this hook attachment and retrieve fallen jewelry down a sink without ever needing a plumber") McCray didn't have as easy a time.

The trick was getting underneath it, and he couldn't get his ring using the Lizard Cam and hook at all. In fact, every attachment he used with the device blocked the camera's view. 

McCray found the flexible cable attached to the camera too bendy. It has a tendency to go down, hit the side and then bend on itself before you just stop.

His favorite use for the Lizard Cam was checking inside the barrel of his shotgun."

"The gun was really cool. That's why I gave it a thumbs-up because it was really neat being able to see down in your barrel," McCray said.

If shotguns aren't your thing, you might be disappointed trying to use the Lizard Cam for more practical applications around the house.

"As far as an everyday manly man trying to look for tools, I mean it's a gadget," McCray said. "It's not a beneficial tool for me."

We paid $39.99 for the Lizard Cam at Walmart.