One week left: Unique Valentine's Day gift ideas

HOUSTON – Have you checked a calendar? Valentine's Day is next Thursday. That means you have seven days to find a gift for your spouse or significant other.

Consumer expert Amy Davis found some unique ideas that are not the same old flowers or chocolate. 

Grilling Classes

Fire up the pit and spice up your Valentine's Day by gifting your sweetheart classes from Brisket U. Classes are two to three hours long at local breweries like Eureka Heights.

"We do it at a brewery. It's beer and barbecue, which is a perfect marriage," Brisket U owner Mike Albrecht told Davis. 

Brisket U is designed to teach you everything you need to know about selecting, cooking and serving brisket. They also have classes for smoking and grilling chicken, turkey and wild game. 

We show you how to trim the meat, how to put rubs on, how to manage a fire... even how to even start a fire," Albrecht explained.

No matter what type of pit or smoker you have at home, you'll get the skills to wow behind any grill, right down to which wood chips to put in your smoker.

Each class is $74. Or you can buy the BBQ Trinity gift pack. For $199, you'll get Brisket U's signature rub, a custom glass and gift certificates for three classes. 

Couples Wine Tasting

If beer and brisket is not your thing, take your sweetie to a wine tasting at Total Wine & More. A class sampling wine and chocolate pairings is just $20 a person right now. You can choose your class and sign up online at the location closest to you. 

Smart Fitness Tracker

Did you hear, KPRC2 morning anchor Owen Conflenti put a ring on his finger and said "I do" ... want to get a fitness tracker. He got a Motiv Ring for Christmas, which is Bluetooth enabled. It tracks his heart rate and all sorts of stuff and sends the data to his smartphone.

"It tracks my sleep as well, so I know exactly how little sleep we're getting on this morning show," Conflenti said. "And it tracks my steps."

It takes about an hour and a half to charge the ring every couple of days. 

We found the Motiv Ring on Amazon right now for $199.99.

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