New scam now targeting job seekers

HOUSTON – An Humble woman looking for work thought she'd found a job. But it turns out she uncovered a new scam.

Linda Culver-Peck's LinkedIn page lets potential employers know she is "looking for change" so she receives job offers through private messaging there.

She was really interested in one she received earlier this month because it was a job she could do from home, a virtual office assistant position.

The operations manager for a company called Speed Commerce out of Missouri told her by email that the position requires a printer and licensed software. He sent her a check to cover the cost of those items she would need to purchase from an independent supplier. When she received the check for nearly $3000, she became suspicious. She called consumer expert Amy Davis.

Davis discovered Speed Commerce is a legitimate company, but scammers are using its name to dupe job seekers into cashing bogus checks and sending money to a phony business for software they will never receive.

If you receive a job offer from any company, always call that company directly to speak with the person with the authority to offer you a job.