How to get rid of college textbooks and make money

HOUSTON – If you have college textbooks you or your child are no longer using, gather them up, because January - or the start of the semester - is one of the best times to sell them to get the most money.

If you sell them online, you can compare the buy-back prices from the comfort of your own home.

On the website Declutter, just fill out a form and get an instant price. Declutter provides a free shipping label to send it, and after they receive it, you get paid by direct deposit, check or PayPal. 

The website Bookbyte works the same way, but it can take up to 14 days to get your payment.

At Bookscouter, just type in the ISBN number on your textbook and you can compare the offers from up to 35 vendors at once.

Cash-4-Books will pay you with a check or via PayPal, and they even cover the PayPal fee.

Many people get their money from Books-Run within four business days after they receive your books.

A few of these websites have apps as well that let you scan the barcode of the book instead of typing in the ISBN number.