Products tested by consumer expert Amy Davis that make the best gifts

From spouses and parents to co-workers, your gift list may be long this holiday season. However, many of us are short on ideas.

Consumer expert Amy Davis is reminding you of some of the best products she tested this year that would make great gifts. Whether it's a small gift for a colleague or a stocking stuffer, you want to know you're not buying and giving junk. Davis reached back into the KPRC2 archives to find all the products that tested well that she would want to find under the tree.

BlendSmart Make-up Brush

Davis won't say who is getting them, but she purchased 4 electric BlendSmart make-up brushes as gifts this year. They simulate the pressure and motion a professional uses to apply foundation and powders. 
When a KPRC2 intern used the BlendSmart brush for foundation on one side of her face and a regular blending sponge on the other, there was a noticeable difference.

"This kind of looks like airbrushed to me," said Melanie Yost, pointing to the BlendSmart side. "And this just looks like I'm wearing foundation, but it's not as, I don't know... high quality," she said.  

The handle with one brush is regular $69, but they're on sale on Amazon now for $49.85

3 Second Lash

Long lashes are super trendy right now, but extensions are expensive. KPRC2 anchor Rachel McNeill tested and liked 3 Second Lash. They are magnetic, reusable eyelashes, and for $29.99, you get 4 pairs. 

"The top one you just lay on top of your lashes," Rachel demonstrated.

She says they do take some practice and maybe a trim to fit your lashline; but they looked great in the end.  

5 Minute Mani

The 5 Minute Mani would make a great stocking stuffer. We got 4 treatments in one box for $2.99 at Fry's Electronics. 

You just put little pockets filled with oil on each fingertip covering your nails. Remove them after 5 minutes to reveal a shiny nail.

It's hard to know what to get parents and grandparents, but Davis found a couple of items that could make their lives a little easier. 


For seniors or anyone who has a hard time gripping and opening bottles, the Robotwist does all the work

"It came off. I love that," said viewer Lynne Fleming, who tested the product. "I didn't have to do anything. Didn't have to hold it down or mess with it or anything."

The product costs $19.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Amazon. 

The Simple Scrub

Cleaning the shower and bathtub gets more difficult when it's hard to bend down, but The Simple Scrub, invented by a guy right here in Houston, lets you do the chore standing

"It's really easy. It looks like it cut the cleaning time in half," said the mother-daughter pair who tested it for KPRC2.  

The Simple Scrub is regular $49.95, but when you use promo code "AMY2018" on, you'll get it for $29.97. That's 40 percent off. On Amazon, use promo code "SCRUBBER18" to get 20 percent off. 

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