As Seen on TV: 5 Minute Manicure, does it really work?

You want your nails to look neat and polished, but salon manicures are expensive and time-consuming. It's why we're testing the As Seen on TV 5 Minute Manicure that you can do anywhere. 

Between washing dishes, washing her hands and typing on her computer for work, Danielle Brown's nails take a beating. 

"I usually get a manicure about once a month," she said. "That's usually a good hour and a half thing. That's why I only go usually once a month because it takes too much time."  

We bought a 5 Minute Mani box of four treatments at Fry's for just $2.99. 

Amazon has them online for just under $9.

Brown opened the box and followed the directions, pulling a small plastic casing over each finger. 

"It's a little tingly, especially on the cuticle part," Brown said.

Each mini mask has Japonica seed oil inside. The manufacturer claims it strengthens and nourishes nails. You can keep them on for as little as five minutes up to 15 minutes. 

Brown's treatment was somewhere in between. When she slid the small packets off each nail, she said her fingertips felt soft. 

"They've got a nice, shiny coat on it and they don't feel dry, made them moisturized," Brown said.  

"From brittle and weak nails to strong, healthy, bright nails with just one treatment," claims the commercial. 

The nails in the ad look like they were buffed to a shine. Brown's nails were definitely not as shiny.

She said the 5 Minute Mani would not be a substitute for her monthly salon manicure, but she would use the product in between manicures.

For that, she gives the product a well-manicured thumbs up.