Does the 'Puff-N-Fluff' really work?

HOUSTON – If your furry best friend loves swimming at the dog park, but loathes bathing and drying off afterward, you both may like the "Puff-N-Fluff" dog dryer.

The product, created by a 9-year-old girl, is getting a lot of attention online. The commercial claims your dog will like the warm air blowing on them so you won't have to chase them around with a hairdryer. 

"Lola is a sweet dog. She's 10 years old. She likes to cuddle. She's snuggly," said Desirae Bickley, of Houston.

Lola is not particularly fond of bath time, but that is exactly why the shih tzu's owners Desirae and Brad Bickley signed her up to test the "Puff-N-Fluff." 

"Usually we dry her off with a towel," Desirae Bickley said. "If we try to get the hairdryer out, she generally doesn't like that." 

The commercial claims, "The hours of dry time are accomplished in just minutes." 

Eager to try it out, Brad and Desirae wrapped Lola up in the product, pulling each paw through a hole in the plastic-like product. They tightened it loosely around her neck and tail, attached a hair dryer to the hose and turned it on.

It was hard to tell if Lola liked the "Puff-N-Fluff." After almost 10 minutes, they opened the shell to check the progress. 

"I mean it looks great on this side where the blower is. Very puffy on this side, said Desirae Bickley.

"The other side as you can see is still damp and not very fluffy," Brad Bickley said, showing us Lola's still wet right side.  

Lola even let them close the "Puff-N-Fluff" back up for another few minutes.

"I'm a little concerned that it might get too hot just in one area, right where the nozzle was," said Desirae Bickley.  

We paid $35 for the "Puff-N-Fluff" online, a price the Bickleys said would be fair if it worked. 

"It took approximately, at least 10 minutes, and, quite frankly, she wasn't dry at the end of that 10 minutes," Brad Bickley said.  

Based on their experience, the Bickleys gave the "Puff-N-Fluff" two thumbs down.

This was the first time our testers still gave the inventor of the product a big congratulations because she was only 9 years old. The product idea is very creative, but they think it may need some massaging to work out the kinks.