Company helps you plan, complete some of your DIY projects

HOUSTON – From Pinterest to HGTV, many do-it-yourself projects seem easy, but sometimes it can be easier to get in over your head. One company will help you with your project from planning to completion to ensure you get the results you want.

"Knowing the right products to use is a challenge for most people," said Rhonda McCleskey, a HomeTalk expert and interior decorator. 

When you purchase a DIY kit for certain projects on HomeTalk, McCleskey or another DIY expert will pick the products for you, help you with colors and designs and show you how to do your project. 

"We put together a project plan for you, and I help you through it," McCleskey said. "I give you as much help or as little help as you need."

Home Talk is an online DIY platform where members share their own projects. Now the company is literally lending a helping hand.

"The idea is that this isn't hard to do," said HomeTalk founder Miriam Illions. "And if you have somebody coming over to your home, showing you hands-on what to do, you can do it yourself." 

There are three projects you can choose from: Give your bathroom vanity a make-over for $99, transform your builder grade bathroom tile using stencils and paint for $150, or you can do both for $250.

HomeTalk's kits come with all of the supplies you need and a DIY expert to help you with the project.

McCleskey or another expert will check out your space and help you pick a design, colors and hardware. They send the supplies to you and come back at any stage when you think you need a hand.

"And it doesn't just have to be a bathroom floor," McCleskey said. "We can do backsplashes, you know, where ever you would have tile in your home."

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