As Seen on TV Tuesday: Can the Blu Breeze really cool the air anywhere?

HOUSTON – Keeping cool in Houston's extreme heat can mean bigger electric bills. Before you sweat it out to save a few bucks, consumer expert Amy Davis is testing a portable air conditioner that claims to cool the air anywhere in seconds. 

The Blu Breeze personal AC is $29.88 at Walmart. It runs on electricity, batteries or a USB cord. Davis set it up in a small bathroom to see how long it would take to cool the space. 

The Blu Breeze is billed as an air conditioner that can keep you cool in hot spots, like at your desk, by the pool or on a garage work bench.  Davis sat it on her bathroom counter and followed the simple directions to get it cooling. 

You have to fill the Blu Breeze with a small amount of ice and water. 

When you flip it on, the machine makes a low hum, but not too loud that it would distract a co-worker.

Before Davis started the device, it was 73.8 degrees in her bathroom, with 36% humidity. The Blu Breeze dropped the temperature to 72.1 and raised the humidity to 43% in less than five minutes. 

You can run the Blu Breeze on low or high and set a timer for up to 12 minutes. If you don't set the timer, the AC runs continuously. Davis let it run and came back to check on it later.  

"Success! It's been running about an hour and 15 minutes.. but it is 68 degrees with 48% humidity in this small bathroom," she said when she checked the thermometer.