This company claims to beat Amazon, Walmart prices

EZneeds offers free next-day delivery with no membership fee

HOUSTON – Paper towels, laundry detergent, soap, stocking up on dry goods can really drag out your weekly grocery shopping. You might already get them shipped to your home to save time. Consumer expert Amy Davis wants to tell you about a brand new service that claims it can beat the prices you're already paying by 20 percent to 30 percent.

EZneeds was started by the son of the family that owns the House of Pies in Houston. 

"Everyone loves pies, but we've also been in the wholesale business ever since the '70s," Nidal Ganim said.   

Ganim is taking those connections with manufacturers to leverage buying power and sell dryer sheets, laundry pods and dog biscuits online at EZneeds.com. 

"It's convenient. it's easy. It's something people don't want to shop for," Ganim said. 

You can buy in bulk or in individual lots on the website. There is no membership fee; and since their warehouse is in Houston, most Texans get free next-day shipping on orders of $50 or more. 

"We offer basically Prime Shipping without the membership fee," Ganim said.   

A quick comparison showed EZneeds does have cheaper prices on some items. 
Clorox Bleach Wipes are $14.98 on EZneeds or 3 cents per wipe. The same wipes are 4 cents each on Amazon and Walmart.com. 

A package of 25 Neutrogena makeup wipes were $3.88 on EZneeds when we checked. They were $4.99 on Amazon and $5.47 on Walmart.com. 

Another thing that separates EZneeds from competitors is that you can also buy in bulk without any membership fees. When you compare prices, you'll get a more accurate comparison if you compare the price per sheet or unit instead of just the whole price tag. 

"We have a team that constantly looks at prices and does our very best to be competitive," Ganim said.  

It's an already crowded playing field online, but with consistently low prices, Ganim is hoping to get just a small sliver of that retail pie.