As Seen on TV Tuesday: Is the Hover Cover worth the money?

HOUSTON – Food splatter and microwave messes are a pain to clean up. Unless everyone in your family covers their food every time it goes in the microwave, it doesn't take long for the inside of your oven to make you lose your appetite.

On this As Seen on TV Tuesday, consumer expert Amy Davis is testing the Hover Cover

Brenda Waters saw the Hover Cover ad on TV and ordered one.

"It's kind of a hard plastic cover for your food when it goes into the microwave," she explained. 

Small magnets embedded in the top make it more than a plastic cover. 

"These are magnets that are on the top," Waters said. "And it's going to go inside your microwave and it will fit just right up in the top like that, so it stays," she explained as she stuck the Hover Cover to the top of the inside of her microwave. 

Waters tested it first with spaghetti sauce, heating it for a full three minutes. 

"And if you'll notice, it caught the stuff up there and it didn't get all in your microwave," she revealed when she opened the microwave and removed the Hover Cover.  
But sauce is simple. Waters wanted to kick it up a notch. 

"I wanted to try the Hover Cover out with a boiled egg because I knew it would explode of you left it in there too long because that happened to me the other day," she said. 

From experience, Waters knows it only takes about 8 seconds to warm up a boiled egg. Say you wander off, get distracted and let it go too long: What would happen then?  
After about 40 seconds, Waters microwave door burst open. The egg inside exploded everywhere. 

"Look!" cried Waters. "So obviously, it doesn't work on a boiled egg. I still have a huge mess in my microwave. I wish I would not have done that." 

Once Waters got her microwave clean, the Hover Cover washed easily in the top rack of her dishwasher, ready for another go round. 

"I would give it an A overall because it does do everything it says it's supposed to do," said Waters.

We purchased the Hover Cover for $19.99 on Amazon. Waters spent $25 for two by ordering through the company's website.