As Seen on TV Tuesday: Hurricane Spin Broom

There are some inventions that never see upgrades or new versions to improve upon the last, like the fork, the pen and the broom. But wait! One company has now made sweeping changes to the broom that promise to make the chore easier than ever.

On this As Seen on TV Tuesday, consumer expert Amy Davis is testing the Hurricane Spin Broom. It's a lightweight broom and dustpan in one. The manufacturer claims there's no more bending over and chasing that line of crumbs you can't seem to sweep up.
19-year-old Phoebe is one of three long-haired kitties in Lisa Olivares' Copperfield family.

"She just loses fur crazy; and she's kind of a messy eater as well," Olivares told Davis. "She flings litter everywhere."    
All that has sort of made Olivares a self-proclaimed neat freak.

"I don't like to walk on a messy floor," she explained.

She already has a full arsenal of cleaning tools, but lately she's had her eye on the Hurricane Spin Broom. 

"It weighs less than 2 pounds and its rotating bristles clean like a street sweeper," says the announcer in the commercial excitedly.  "It gobbles up everything in its path."

"I'm anxious to see how this thing's gonna pick up," said Olivares when she took it out of the box. 

Before the trial run, Olivares dirtied up her kitchen floor with Goldfish cracker crumbs, hair and kitty litter.

The Spin Broom only works in a forward motion. If you pull it back, it spits out everything it just picked up.
"I feel like I'm putting a lot of work into it," Olivares said.

When she tried to turn the broom, the brushes wouldn't spin.

"It's not picking up everything. In fact, it just shoved it under my dishwasher" Olivares said. 
The commercial claims "The Hurricane Spin Broom is whisper quiet." In real life, it's a rattling, clunky hollow piece of plastic.

"I'm kind of happy I didn't spend the $19.95 on it," Olivares admitted. 

It was certainly not the love affair Olivares had in mind when she saw the Spin Broom commercial.

"Amy, my old trusty broom's the winner on this one," she said. "I'm so sad because I really wanted it to work."

This is the third Hurricane product we've tested. The Hurricane Spin Mop worked great; and the Hurricane Spin Scrubber got a thumbs down.