4 steps to cutting cable

The average cable bill in the United States is $103 a month, and prices have risen four times the rate of inflation in recent years. It's why many people are cutting the cord, relying instead on an antenna, streaming services or both.

If you've been wondering exactly how to cut cable, consumer expert Amy Davis is breaking it down with four steps.

You've already got the TV. If you want to get over-the-air stations, you need to buy an indoor or outdoor digital antenna. If you live in a remote area, with a lot of tall trees around your home, you'll want an antenna with at least a 50-mile range. You can buy one for about $20. That one-time purchase will get you all of the local stations, news and programming. 
If you want more options like sports and Netflix, you'll still have to deal with your cable company.
Chris Brantner with Cut Cable Today says you should be careful about the common upsell.

"Some of the companies will get you whenever you go to cut the cord," Brantner explained. "They find out you're going to be streaming, they'll offer you faster internet."

Branter  says you don't always need all that speed. Netflix recommends 5 megabits per second if you'll have one device streaming in your home. For a whole family of simultaneous streamers, Branter says you can probably make do with 20 to 30 megabits. He says you can get that for about $50 a month. To find and compare internet speed in your area, click here.

Step 3: Pick a streaming device. There are many.
Some of the most popular are Amazon's Fire Stick for $30, a Roku Expres, Google's Chromecast for $35, or if you're an Apple person, Apple TV that sells for about $60.

The fourth step is to pick a streaming service. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a whole library of free movies and shows already.

Netflix is $7.99 a month. Sling TV is one of the most affordable with ESPN, HGTV and 30 channels for $20 a month. How much you save will depend on how many streaming services you buy.

"In general, the average person saves between $50 to $100 per month," Brantner told Davis. 

If you choose not to get an antenna, you can always stream our newscasts through the Click2Houston app and on our website.  You can watch our newscasts on those streaming devices like Roku. Just look for an app called "Over The Top."